Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Worcester

Training & Career Development in Worcester

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Worcester

As one of the most notable cities in the West Midlands region, Worcester has an active job market and an increasingly diverse economic base. Worcester's position on the River Severn was a key factor that contributed to the city's economic development. Historically, Worcester was an important provider of employment for workers in the manufacturing and trading sectors. For many years, Worcester was well known for the manufacturing of gloves, porcelain, engineering and motor tools, and cement. In fact, some of these sectors, like glove and porcelain making, were a primary source of local employment until very recently.

Today, the public sector provides the largest number of jobs in Worcester, mainly in the fields of public administration, health care services, and education. However, it is worth noting that manufacturing still accounts for more than 21 per cent of employment, with companies like the iconic Lea and Perrins or Carnaud Metalbox being often cited as key employers. Other important sources of local employment include finance, banking, and insurance, which now employ 16 per cent of the Worcester workforce, and retail, distribution, and tourism, which combined provide the remaining 17 per cent of local jobs.

Professional career development in Worcester

With a population of just 180,000 Worcester could be considered a small city, however there are plenty of opportunities for professional development and business training. Worcester's Polytechnic Institute has its own business school, which has been rated as one of the best in the country by other prestigious educational institutions, like Princeton University. Students who are considering obtaining initial training in key business skills can benefit from the school's undergraduate programmes in management, which can be combined with relevant business minors like entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and information systems. Graduate courses focus on the integration of business and technology and offer training in project management, strategic decision-making, financial management, entrepreneurship and innovation, e-business, marketing, risk management, and business intelligence.

Worcester University runs a range of BA courses in management, international business, marketing, and accountancy. Work placements are available as the University has close ties with the Worcester Bosch group, one of the city's key employers, and with the NHS, Microsoft, IBM, Lidl, Intel, and Hays Group.

Hands-on business training can also be gained through government-sponsored apprenticeships. The Worcester College of Technology offers intermediate, advanced, and higher apprenticeships in accounting, business administration, team leading, and management. This institution also caters to middle managers who wish to polish their management and leadership skills through a level 5 CMI diploma course.

Local Worcester businesses can take advantage of the staff's expertise at the Polytechnic Business School by taking one of the professional certificate programmes on offer. These focus on topics like technology marketing, information security, and the management of technology. There are also bespoke certificates available to companies that wish to improve the competitive edge of their workforce. Worcester University has a dedicated corporate development department, which provides modular accredited courses with a focus on business excellence. The university is also one of the top organisers of business events in the city. Some events that deserve special mention include the Annual Business Lecture and a range of lectures offered in conjunction with the Institute of Directors, the CIPD, the CMI, and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Worcester is home to a number of professional business associations whose objective is to promote business networking in the city. These include the Worcester Business Breakfast Club, the Wednesday Club, BNI Business Networking, the University of Worcester, and the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

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