Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Bournemouth

Training & Career Development in Bournemouth

The Current Job Market Profile and Employment Opportunities in Bournemouth

The coastal resort town of Bournemouth sits on the shores of South West England. A key sector and employer in the town is tourism, as the area attracts millions of visitors each year. The community is also a regional centre for leisure and recreation, as well as culture and entertainment. The town centre is home to several bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and entertainment venues.

Bournemouth is also a regional centre for business. Major employers in the financial sector include JPMorgan Chase, Liverpool Victoria, and PruHealth. Bournemouth and the surrounding area is also the headquarters for Parvalux, Fitness First, Palmair, and other businesses. It is also the home of the Bournemouth International Centre, a major conference centre. Bournemouth boasts key infrastructure that is supporting business and economic development, including rail links to London and the rest of Great Britain, ferries to France and the Channel Islands, and flights throughout Europe from Bournemouth Airport.

The town's service sector provides jobs for the vast majority of Bournemouth's workforce. The Bournemouth Borough Council and the public sector is also one of the town's largest employers. The Office of Labour Market Statistics estimated that 23,200 people in Bournemouth were employed in distribution, hotels, and restaurants in 2010. Public administration, education, and health sectors employed 21,600 people, while banking, finance, and insurance firms employed 20,700. By comparison, manufacturing accounted for only 1,600 jobs.

Professional Career Development in Bournemouth

Bournemouth's strong service, financial, and technology sectors have resulted in the development of key business development supports throughout the city and surrounding area. The Marine Skills Centre in Poole provides training facilities and staff development opportunities for local businesses operating in the marine sector. Bournemouth's Aviation Park is also supporting the community's thriving aerospace and advanced engineering sector, with over 200 businesses operating offices, workshops, and warehouses in a well-equipped business park. The city's universities are also helping support a growing technology and creative industries sector.

Skills & Learning Bournemouth and Poole, an initiative of the Bournemouth Borough Council, offers NVQ equivalent courses, apprenticeship training, management and basic skills courses, and custom training courses to local businesses. Apprenticeship training is offered in partnership with educational institutions and local businesses in a wide variety of fields, including IT, customer service, business and administration, management, construction and warehousing, and education. Courses are also delivered in business essentials, including report writing, food safety, health and safety, and payroll and bookkeeping.

Bournemouth University, one of the largest universities in the South of England, offers various degree programmes in applied sciences, health and social care, tourism, business, design, engineering and computing, and media. In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the university also delivers short courses and a professional development programme. Courses that aim to develop skills and expertise, as well as lead to professional qualifications, are available for a number of professions, including engineers, financiers, hospitality and tourism professionals, IT professionals, ecologists and conservationists, journalists, researchers, writers, health and social care professionals, and teachers.

Arts University College, Bournemouth, offers programmes in arts, design, media, and the performing arts. Based in Poole, the university provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of disciplines, including fashion, photography, film, animation, architecture, and fine art. Higher education, as well as further education, is also provided at Bournemouth and Poole College. Programmes provide students with various qualifications, including foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and certificates, and bachelor's degrees. Subjects include media, tourism and hospitality, radio production, art and music, computing and multimedia design, and various vocational trades such as construction and hairdressing. The college also provides an apprenticeship programme leading to National Vocational Qualifications.

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