Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Glasgow

Training & Career Development in Glasgow

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Glasgow

With an approximate population of 2.5 million, Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and the third most populous urban centre in the United Kingdom. Due to its location on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow became an important port and a major international trading centre. For almost three centuries, the local economy was strongly dependant on Glasgow's position as a seaport, since the shipbuilding, manufacturing, and heavy engineering industries were some of the most prominent. Today, these industries still play an important role in the local job market and they employ a large number of people, with BAE Systems, Weir, and Clyde Bowers being some of Glasgow's key employers.

However, in recent years the financial services industry has become a leading source of employment in Glasgow. In fact, the city has been listed as one of Europe's top 20 financial centres. Banking also features prominently in the local job market, and blue chip institutions like Barclays and Lloyds TSB continue to create jobs in the banking sector within the Glasgow area.

Other industries that provide a significant number of employment opportunities include software development, IT, tourism, business services, education, telecommunications, and health care.

Professional career development in Glasgow

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School is one of the world's leading educational research institutions in the fields of economics, international business, entrepreneurship, and management. The school organises a number of seminars, workshops, and public lectures that provide excellent networking opportunities. These are open to both students and the general public. In addition, Glasgow University students can take advantage of the international partnerships that the business school has with universities in Russia and China.

In terms of training, the Institute of Leadership and Management also offers specialist qualifications, as well as modern apprenticeships in business administration, customer service, and management. Those who already have experience in the business world can take advantage of the leadership skills courses and management development training offered by a number of independent consultancies, like Clermonton Consultants or Summit Training, which offer personalised coaching and training programmes in areas like leadership, human resources, customer service, and motivational management.

Other networking events are organised by a number of long-established institutions. Connections arranges monthly social and business events, as well as business presentations. The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce organises more than 100 business events every year, as well as a number of training programmes in the areas of business skills, management, IT, international trade, and many others.

Glasgow's city council has been running its Skills & Business Growth Programme for some years. This programme is in fact a grant offered to local companies that wish to improve their business practices and their overall productivity. The council also offers free advice and support services to businesses, and organises events that deal with the topics of business start-up, funding, marketing, and workforce development.

There is also a number government funded schemes available in Glasgow. These include Business Gateway, aimed at future entrepreneurs, and the Get Ready for Work scheme, which provides training in both transferable and industry specific skills to youngsters aged 16-19.

Lastly, there are several options when it comes to workplace skills training in Glasgow. The Scottish Government offers various skills for work courses in partnership with local schools and colleges. These courses focus on areas like communication, team building, information technology, and employability. Other accredited centres, like Go Group, which runs workplace coaching and skills workshops to individuals in managerial positions.

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