Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Manchester

Training & Career Development in Manchester

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Manchester

With a total population of over 2 million, Manchester is one of the United Kingdom's largest metropolitan areas. Manchester is known for becoming the first industrialised city in the world during the Industrial Revolution, mainly thanks to the flourishing textile and manufacturing industries that appeared in the city during the 18th and the 19th centuries. Trade and commerce have also been crucial to Manchester's economy, especially given the number of jobs that were created at the docks until their closure in 1982.

The Mancunian job market began to increase the number and the variety of opportunities on offer in the 1990s. Today, Manchester enjoys the benefits of having an established and diversified economy with both national and international standing. The majority of jobs are in the service industry, particularly in the fields of business services, finance, and retail. In fact, and according to the European Cities Monitor report for 2010, Manchester is among the top 15 best European cities for business, even ahead of other top tier cities like Zurich or Geneva. Some of the key employers are Sovereign Finance, The Co-operative, Royal Bank of Scotland, Adidas, and Marks and Spencer.

There are also opportunities in the media and communications sector, as companies like BBC, ITV, and The Guardian Group have offices in Manchester. Lastly technology, education, and tourism contribute significantly to the city's dynamic job market, particularly business tourism, which generates revenues exceeding £573 million every year.

Professional career development in Manchester

There is a wide range of business training and development opportunities in the Greater Manchester area, available to both individuals and organisations. The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce runs work experience programmes, workshops designed to increase employability and to develop new skills, and various continuing professional development activities. Through its Business Support Solutions division, the local Chamber of Commerce can assist businesses by providing advice and consultancy services. Likewise, this organisation facilitates business networking opportunities by setting up more than 200 events every year. Its Business Growth Hub is another initiative that can help businesses in areas like innovation, training, and finance.

The Manchester Business School is another source of professional career development opportunities. In addition to its renowned undergraduate and postgraduate business degrees, the school offers executive education courses in leadership and advanced management, as well as a range of bespoke executive education programmes. Another thing that might interest business-minded students is the Manchester Enterprise Centre (also run by the University), that runs workshops on topics like designing business plans, networking, negotiating, entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition, marketing, and finance.

Another business training provider worth mentioning is Adalta, which has an extensive offer of over 100 business courses, including team building, leadership, project management, coaching and mentoring, business and management skills, and business planning.

As part of the government's nationwide apprenticeship scheme, youngsters who live in Manchester and are aged 16-24 can develop their skills and career prospects in areas like accounting, financial services, business, administration, accountancy, coaching, management, and other business services. Further information can be obtained from the Manchester College and from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

In terms of networking events, Manchester boasts a large number of opportunities. There are regular networking events organised by Pro Manchester, the local chapter of the Business Network, Forward Ladies, the Business Scene, Networking for Business, and the local Business Breakfast Club. Further events and advice can be obtained from the Manchester Business Club, which focuses on strengthening business links between Manchester-based businesses and firms in other leading corporate centres, like Singapore, Los Angeles, and New York.

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Further Considerations: Many companies require, or at least prefer, that perspective employees have a valid drivers license. Being able to drive broadens your range of opportunities, both in the type of position you can apply for, as well as the locations you can work in as not all are easily accessible by train or bus. Candidates that do not yet possess a drivers license should seriously consider learning to drive sooner rather than later. You can find a list of qualified instructors here.

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