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Training & Career Development in Portsmouth

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Portsmouth

Because of its location on the English Channel, Portsmouth has been a renowned sea port for many centuries. Initially, Portsmouth was a prosperous market town whose affluence increased after the docks were built in the early 13th century. In subsequent years, the city thrived thanks to the wool, iron, and wheat trade with France and other European nations. The local naval dockyard still features as one of the most important sources of employment in Portsmouth, as it is believed that the docks provide up to 10 per cent of the jobs available, with almost 12,000 jobs being directly linked to the naval dockyard. BAE Systems is one of the largest employers in this area. In addition to shipbuilding and cargo trade, the dock also handles passenger traffic, and ferry companies like P&O or Brittany Ferries are important employers too.

In addition to logistics and other sectors directly linked to the local dockyard, the current job market in Portsmouth is dominated by the services and industry sectors. The financial and insurance services industry is represented by firms like Zurich, Capita Insurance, DBS Finance, and Shopacheck Financial Services. Other important sources of employment are the defence, construction, retail, and electronics industries, with major employers being IBM, EADS Astrium, Northrop Grumman, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, and Rolls Royce Marine Electrical.

Professional career development in Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth has a Business School that provides accredited qualifications and business training to more than 4,000 students. The school offers as many as 32 undergraduate degrees in various business and management specialities, diplomas in leadership, management, and business, and postgraduate degrees, certificates, and diplomas in subject areas like training management and consultancy, business administration, project management, marketing, international business, corporate government, coaching and development, innovation, decision analysis, and finance. As a student at the Business School, you can develop your skills further by taking part in the 12-month long work placements offered in partnership with leading companies like Microsoft, Skandia, Hitachi, or IBM.

Another option is to enrol in one of the many courses offered by the Portsmouth International College. Courses are available in subjects such as marketing, financial management, entrepreneurship, and corporate business management. Alternatively, practical business training can be obtained by signing up for a modern apprenticeship. In Portsmouth, the major apprenticeship providers are Highbury College, HTP Training, and BAE Systems. The local city council can provide further details on this training option.

The University of Portsmouth Business School also caters to businesses and organisations by providing a full range of business services. Its talent development programme can be implemented at your organisation upon request, in order to help you identify and develop the potential of outstanding employees. These programmes deal with practical subjects like quality and productivity improvement, creativity, or project management, and successful participation can lead to achieve a recognised qualification in these areas. In addition, the school has a dedicated centre for enterprise and innovation that offers business development support, as well as a range of business events like hot topic seminars and workshops on subjects like entrepreneurial opportunity, effective communication, leadership, business ethics, and managerial psychology.

There are several opportunities for business networking in Portsmouth. If you are looking to get in touch with like-minded people and potential business partners, you may contact organisations like Cog Business Networking, BNI Portsmouth, BRX Portsmouth, or AQ Networking. Networking events are also organised on a regular basis by the CERI (Centre for Enterprise and Innovation), based at the University of Portsmouth.

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