Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Southampton

Training & Career Development in Southampton

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Southampton

The history of Southampton as a trading port can be traced back to Roman times. It is therefore not surprising that trade, shipping, and export have been significant contributors to the local economy and job market for a long time, in particular since the end of the 19th century, when the docks and a rail line were built. The docks were also central to the leisure and travel industry, and at some point, almost 50 per cent of cruise passengers in the United Kingdom passed through Southampton. Today, the port of Southampton provides more than 12,000 jobs, and the docks continue to handle large volumes of cargo. There is also a large number of luxury cruises that depart from the new ferry terminal, with companies like Royal Caribbean, P&O, Carnival, and Silversea being important employers in the area.

Education and health care are also important sources of local employment in Southampton, as the city is home to important institutions in these fields, like the University of Southampton and the University Hospital of Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Other job opportunities exist in the public sector (mainly at the local city council) and with employers like Ordnance Survey, Ford, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Exxon Mobil, Skandia Life, and Ericsson television.

Professional career development in Southampton

Southampton has two higher education institutions offering degrees in business-related fields. The University of Southampton Management School offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, international marketing, and entrepreneurship, as well as postgraduate research courses in innovation, financial markets, management science, operational strategy, and risk management. The Southampton Solent Business School is another option, as it offers accredited degrees and diplomas in business management, mentoring, leadership and management, and social enterprise.

Those who prefer to learn new skills without attending university can opt for enrolling into the government sponsored apprenticeship scheme. Southampton City College offers apprenticeships in the areas of business, administration, accountancy, and information technology. There is also a limited number of apprenticeships available at the local city council every year.

The University of Southampton Management School is also known for its extensive range of professional development courses, which include everything from postgraduate certificates in business administration to executive MBA courses and customised short courses designed to meet the training needs of businesses and organisations. The school also offers a range of consultancy services, supervised placements, and partly government-funded knowledge transfer partnerships, whereby outstanding graduates can be placed at a suitable company for a period of up to 3 years. Those interested in professional development courses can also contact the Southampton Solent Business School and enquire about their short programmes and workplace skills training courses.

In recent years there has been a surge in the number of consultants offering business coaching services in Southampton. For further information and recommendations, businesses may contact the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce or visit their website. As for workplace skills training, information can be obtained from the local city council, Southampton City College, and the business division at the University of Southampton.

Being Hampshire's most important economic and business centre, Southampton offers a variety of business networking events. Some organisations worth contacting include BNI – Business Networking Group Southampton, Ambassadors, BRX Hants, the Business Scene, Business for Breakfast, the Concorde Ladies Business Club, and the Southampton and Fareham Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber of Commerce also runs a series of training events designed to help companies improve their competitiveness. Training is available in areas like human resources management, managerial and personal development, and international trade.

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Further Considerations: Although not all positions require you to be able to drive, having a drivers license is an advantage, especially if you have no points taken off. If you have undergone advanced driver training that is an even greater advantage. Even if the location you would like to work at is near public transport there may be times when travel to less easily accessible locations is required such as visiting potential clients or company meetings. Being able to drive improves your prospects and makes you more versatile than a candidate who doesn't drive. More information on learning to drive and advanced driving lessons can be found on this site.

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