Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Liverpool

Training & Career Development in Liverpool

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Liverpool

For centuries, the city of Liverpool was known as one of the most important trading and commercial centres in the world. This was mainly due to the city's location by the Irish Sea, which prompted the development of Liverpool's port which soon became an international trading hub. Shipping and manufacturing still account for 10 per cent of the total number of jobs in Liverpool.

Today Liverpool competes with Manchester in terms of economic development and employment opportunities, being one of the two core economies of the north west of England. Liverpool's graduate unemployment rate stands at 3.4 per cent, and is in fact the lowest in the North West. The latest economic briefing published by Liverpool's city council indicates that the city has 146,300 full time and 74,300 part time jobs. The report also shows that over the last two years, the industries that have seen higher increases in the number of jobs are business administration and support services, research and development, waste related services, publishing and leisure, recreation and entertainment activities.

More than half of the total number of jobs are in the service sector, mainly in fields such as education, banking, insurance, financial services, public administration, retail, health care, and information technology. Other sectors that provide a large number of employment opportunities are construction, manufacturing, media and communications.

Professional career development in Liverpool

Professional career development opportunities in Liverpool can be divided into the following sectors:

Business related training provided by educational institutions

This type of training is available from the Liverpool Business School, which is part of Liverpool John Mores University. This institution offers undergraduate, research, and postgraduate programmes in business administration, management, business communications, accounting, finance, and international business. The University of Liverpool also offers programmes in management, economics, business operations, finance and entrepreneurial leadership.

Business training for companies and organisations

The Liverpool Business School offers consultancy services, customised MBA executive programmes, and the advice of an expert team of professionals in the field of business development who are ready to create tailor-made training solutions for local companies. The school also runs open evenings, lectures, and congresses delivered by international experts. These events are open to the general public.

The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce has a busy schedule full of seminars, lectures, and other events that will be of interest to both new and experienced business owners.


Apprenticeships are a government funded initiative created with the objective of developing the marketable skills of young people aged 16-24. In Liverpool, modern apprenticeships are available in the subjects of business administration, management, information communication technology, international trade and customer services. In addition, the local government plans to create a further 1,300 apprenticeships in the city within the next three years. More information can be obtained by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce, or directly from the Liverpool Community College.

Professional development programmes and workplace skills training courses

Some excellent opportunities are available at the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. This institution runs a wide range of training courses, which cover topics like effective communication skills, information technology in the workplace, customer care, public speaking and presenting, and negotiation skills. Some of these courses are also available on an e-learning basis.

Business networking events

To find out about the range of networking meetings in Liverpool, please contact organisations like Downtown Liverpool, Networking for Business, the Liverpool Business Association, Hope Business Gateway, and Business for Breakfast.

You'll find more information about business training companies and services on Actual Liverpool.

Further Considerations: Although not all positions require you to be able to drive, having a drivers license is an advantage, especially if you have no points taken off. If you have undergone advanced driver training that is an even greater advantage. Even if the location you would like to work at is near public transport there may be times when travel to less easily accessible locations is required such as visiting potential clients or company meetings. Being able to drive improves your prospects and makes you more versatile than a candidate who doesn't drive. More information on learning to drive and advanced driving lessons can be found on this site.

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