Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Bristol

Training & Career Development in Bristol

Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Bristol

Whilst the current employment market in Bristol is already one of the finest in the United Kingdom, most people today are also looking to the future. Bristol was recently awarded £50,000 to create plans for a Future City Demonstrator, and is in with a chance of securing £24 million pounds in funding. They were one of 30 cities awarded this opportunity. Bristol will design a system for the integration of sections of the infrastructure to improve the local economy, improve quality of life and make the environment cleaner. The city of Bristol's efforts are pulling together many large businesses that will strengthen the Bristol economy significantly. Their plans include creating 3,500 new jobs by 2016 and 17,000 by 2036. By 2036 they hope to have added 400 new businesses.

Bristol presently has three major enterprises that employ more than 5000 staff and seven that employ more than 1000. They are:

  • Bristol City Council, the local authority, employs over 5000
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, a National Health Service Trust, employs over 5000
  • University of Bristol employs over 5000
  • Lloyds Banking Group, financial services, employs between 2500 and 5000
  • Avon and Somerset Police employ between 1000 and 2500
  • Avon Fire and Rescue Service employs between 1000 and 2500
  • Bristol Mail Centre, the Royal Mail Regional Distribution Centre, employs between 1000 and 2500
  • City of Bristol College employs between 1000 and 2500
  • Computershare Investor Services Plc, engaged in IT services, employs between 1000 and 2500
  • Network Rail Infrastructure, furnishing transport services, employs between 1000 and 2500.

Career Development in Bristol

Bristol's University of the West of England has four campuses that offer over 600 degree programmes. Not only does the university have undergraduate and higher degree programs, but they offer professional courses, short courses and help with placements after leaving the university. They have a research community that works with industry and other services to enrich business both in Bristol, the UK and other countries.

Career coaches also work with businesses to build their business. One business offering this service is Jan Castle Coaching. They find a better fit for employees wishing to make a career change or ones hoping to enhance their position.

University of Bristol graduates are being offered a course that is designed for former students that wish to challenge their career direction or get their careers back on track. This course will pinpoint the places where there are job opportunities and will teach networking techniques.

Although there are many networking opportunities in Bristol, some are membership oriented and require a subscription in order to participate. A few of these membership-only networking clubs are Working Breakfast, Regional Networking Club-Bristol Ecademy and Women Mean Biz.

Other networking opportunities include:

  • Women on Boards
  • Ready for Business Workshops
  • Bristol Chamber of Commerce Breakfasts
  • Go Green Bristol Workshops

There are many trainee opportunities in Bristol. Just a few of these openings are for consultants, technical writers, authors, accountants, lettings negotiators, recruitment consultants, assistant managers in hospitality and retail, internal account managers, IT recruitment consultants, cavity wall installers, contracts managers, personal fitness trainers, teaching assistants, litigators and estate agents.

You'll find more information about business training companies and services on Actual Bristol.

Further Considerations: Having a clean, valid drivers license enables you to apply for a greater number of positions as well as giving you a much larger choice of locations at which you can work. Some companies require that employees drive, others prefer it. If you already have a license consider taking a Pass Plus or Advanced Driving course to give you the edge over other candidates who have not invested in the extra training. Click here to find driving schools.

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