Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Colchester

Training & Career Development in Colchester

Job Market Profile and Employment Opportunities in Colchester

Colchester has a rapidly increasing population and is emerging as a significant regional economic centre in the East of England. It is the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain and once served as the capital of Roman Britain. The community is also strategically well positioned for future economic growth and business development thanks to its proximity to Stansted Airport, the Great Eastern Main Line, and the A12 road connecting Colchester with London.

The majority of Colchester's employment opportunities are found in public administration, education, health, hotels, restaurants, and distribution. The town also has a strong presence in the finance and IT sectors. Tourism and culture provide significant and increasing employment opportunities for Colchester's residents. Retail is also a major source of employment, and regeneration schemes for the town and its centre will ensure the long-term growth of employment opportunities in the sector.

Despite strengths in the service, tourism, IT, and finance sectors, the majority of Colchester's residents work in the public sector. Some of the town's top employers include Colchester Borough Council, the University of Essex, and the Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. Colchester is also home of the Colchester Garrison, which serves as the base for the 16th Air Assault Brigade and a military corrective training centre.

Professional Career Development in Colchester

With four major regeneration projects and ongoing investments totalling some £3 billion, Colchester is positioned to increase its role as an economic hub in the East of England. The community continues to grow and attract new businesses. According to Colchester Borough Council, 758 new businesses were formed in the first six months of 2012 alone. This rate of growth is higher than any other year. By 2021, the Council estimates that Colchester will have approximately 17,000 new homes and 14,000 new jobs.

The University of Essex is situated east of Colchester's centre in Wivenhoe. The university is the home of renowned departments of economics, government and political science, language and linguistics, and sociology. The University of Essex also offers strong computer science and electronic engineering programmes, with a focus in robotics, telecommunications, logic and computation, and artificial intelligence. In addition to its undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, the university's Business and Management Training Centre delivers business development and skills training courses to local residents and businesses.

The Colchester Institute provides higher and continuing education in a range of fields, including music and the performing arts, hospitality and food studies, and business management. The Institute's Learning Centre at Colchester also offers courses in English, IT, and maths, and provides an information service for anyone seeking advice on education, training, and employment. The Institute also delivers a variety of services and flexible training opportunities for local businesses and employers. The Colchester Institute also provides an apprenticeship programme in partnership with local employers.

Colchester Borough Council provides training opportunities through unpaid job placements. Placements are available in all aspects of the Council's activities, including events management, customer service, strategic research, financial and planning services, and human resources. The Council also supports an apprenticeship programme, with placements lasting up to 3.5 years. The apprenticeship programme is delivered in partnership with Career Track and gives participants the opportunity to develop a broad skills set through on-the-job training with the Council.

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