Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Stockport

Training & Career Development in Stockport

Job Market Profile and Employment Opportunities in Stockport

Stockport is located in South Manchester and is home to a highly skilled workforce, higher education facilities, and strong road, rail and air links to regional, national and international markets. Traditionally an industrial and manufacturing centre, Stockport has diversified from its roots as an economy primarily based on textile manufacturing. Strategically located close to one of Great Britain's largest cities, Stockport is a business and economic centre for England's North West. Its economy supports over 12,000 new and existing businesses, according to the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.

Stockport has the third largest workforce in Greater Manchester, after Manchester and Trafford. Thanks in part to a strong knowledge-driven economy, the community attracts high numbers of managers and professionals. According to the Office for National Statistics, 24.5% of Stockport's residents were employed in professional occupations in 2011. Other top occupations included associate professional technical positions (14.9%), administrative and secretarial jobs (11.8%), and managers or senior officials (11.2%).

Many of Stockport's jobs and employment opportunities are found in service sectors, including business administration and support services, finance and insurance, and arts, entertainment, recreation and other services. One of Stockport's largest employers is the Co-Op Bank, which maintains its main telephone banking operation in the town centre. Stockport also features high employment in health and retail sectors. Stockport also maintains a strong manufacturing sector, particularly in textiles and engineering. Manufacturing employed 10,500 people in 2010, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Professional Career Development in Stockport

Stockport's highly skilled labour force plays an important role in attracting businesses to the borough. The borough is one of the most economically active in Greater Manchester, and features a growing knowledge-based economy. Stockport is home to a number of businesses in information and communications technology, creative, digital, new media, financial and professional services. All these sectors require specialised skills, and also offer above average salaries.

In recent years, Stockport has undergone significant redevelopment as part of a regeneration strategy to transform former manufacturing sites to mixed commercial and residential areas. As part of this initiative, historic areas of the town centre are being regenerated to restore and refurbish retail, leisure, and residential spaces. In addition to developing the Kings Reach Business Park and S:Park close to the M60 corridor, the Cheadle Royal Business Park is creating 660,000 square feet of head office space close to Manchester Airport and the M60 and M56 motorways.

Stockport Council provides a range of support for skills training, including an apprenticeship scheme. The Council employs youth between the ages of 16 and 18 for 12-month terms as part of its apprenticeship scheme, which targets youth in care or leaving care, and youth with learning difficulties or disabilities. The Council also offers grants to employers who hire youth apprentices. Through the Stockport Economic Alliance, the Council also provides support services for new businesses, including specialised supports for start-ups owned by women, market traders, and persons over 50.

Stockport College is the town's main further education and higher education institution. The college offers a number of academic and vocational programmes at diploma, certificate, and degree levels. Stockport College's degree programmes are delivered in partnership with various local and regional universities, including Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Central Lancashire, the University of Chester, and Liverpool John Moores University. Stockport College also delivers a number of professional development training courses for local businesses and an apprenticeship program for youth at least 16 years of age.

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