Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in South London

Training & Career Development in South London

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in South London

Located immediately south of the Thames, South London consists of 12 boroughs, including the well-known Croydon, Kingston, Southwark, and Greenwich areas. A 2011 study commissioned by the South London Partnership found that approximately 40 per cent of the workforce in South London holds higher qualifications (degrees or equivalent). Although many of these highly-skilled employees work in Central London, South London does not have a shortage of employment opportunities.

The local job market offers the most opportunities in the business services sector. Engineering, retail, aerospace, and energy also have a strong presence in South London. The most important employers in the area are Liverpool Victoria Insurance, Direct Line, AIG, HBOS, Mondial, Nestle, Sigma Aerospace, and BT.

Professional career development in South London

The Faculty of Business at London South Bank University has 23 years of experience preparing professionals in the fields of management, business, marketing, public administration, human resources, accounting, and finance. Kingston University offers single and joint honours degrees in business studies, international business, marketing communications, and business management. There are also postgraduate courses in management of creative industries, business psychology, and leadership and management. If you don't find any of the above relevant to your career goals, you might be interested in the innovative Applied Professional Study Courses offered by Greenwich University. These courses allow you to mix and match credits and modules to create a programme that is 100 per cent relevant to your career development needs.

If university education is not what you are looking for, you may still benefit from the apprenticeship scheme. In South London, business apprenticeships are available from the South London Business Group, and the Lewisham, South Thames, Croydon, and Kingston colleges.

If you are currently working in a business related area and would like to improve your future career prospects, you might be interested in the executive MBA programme offered by South Bank University. This programme is available in part-time mode so that you can easily combine your studies with other responsibilities.

Alternatively, if you are looking for effective ways of developing the skills of your employees, you may look into the executive education programmes offered by institutions like South Bank University. The university delivers tailor-made programmes in business, information technology, and management, some of which qualify for £1,000 government-sponsored grants. This institution is also the place to go if you are interested in professionally accredited qualifications, like CIM or CIPD.

Workforce development skills training and work-based learning programmes are being offered by Kingston University. These are modular and flexible programmes in business subjects specifically designed for each employer with the support of academic experts.

Whether you own or work at a small or a large company, networking is an essential part of business development and a convenient way of improving your employment prospects. For networking events in the South London area, please contact South London Business, the Athena Network Kingston, and BNI London South East.

As a professional in your field, you probably know that business networking goes beyond attending social events. If you want to take business networking to a new level, contact Kingston University, as this institution runs a series of initiatives in this area. Some programmes worth mentioning include the West Focus Entrepreneurship Centre, that helps academics, local businesses, and entrepreneurs get connected, and the Enterprise Europe Network, whose objective is to help small and medium businesses find adequate partners for their European ventures. Further networking options and business development support are available from the Business Services department at Greenwich University. The department also offers government-sponsored knowledge transfer partnerships that may help you develop strategic areas of your business.

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