Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Bath

Training & Career Development in Bath

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Bath

Tourism accounts for many of the jobs in Bath, which was selected in 1987 by UNESCO as a world heritage site. There are almost 4 million visitors annually to Bath with more than 1 million staying overnight.

In addition to tourism, Bath has a wealth of health and education services along with business and professional services. On the top of the list are health and education which provides around 30,000 jobs, followed by tourism and its offshoots providing around 14,000 jobs and the business and professional services employing around 10,000 people. Top employers are the National Health Service, the University of Bath, Bath Spa University, the North East Somerset Council and the Ministry of Defence. Bath is only 21 km southeast of Bristol and is an easy commute.

The information technology and communication technology sectors are growing along with the publishing industry. Bath has become widely recognised for its publishing industry with Future Publishing an important employer.

Professional Career Development in Bath

The University of Bath offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses and degrees. The Sunday Times named it the University of the Year in 2011. Its courses include the physical sciences and technology. These, along with mathematics and architecture, cover many of its areas of study. Students wanting help from the University of Bath can attend their Skills workshops that include occupational briefings. These workshops can also help with career choice options and increase their skills in their present position.

The Bath Spa University covers a wide range of subjects including art and design, music, English, education, history, science and social studies. It achieved university status in 2005. This university offers specialised awards in Education Studies, International Education and Global Citizenship, Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia and Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice. It also offers such general awards as Mentoring and Coaching, Early Childhood Studies and Primary Mathematics Education. Along with daytime classroom courses, they offer independent study options and evening sessions. Teachers can benefit by entering their Early Professional Practice Module with aid for first year teachers including mentoring and counselling.

The City of Bath College offers apprenticeship programmes that include working and studying. It typically takes two years to complete the program. The student works towards a NVQ - National Vocational Qualification - of two or three. Apprenticeships include:

  • Business Administration level 2
  • Wood Occupations - Site Carpentry level 2
  • Hairdressing level 2
  • Food Processing and Cooking level 2
  • Mechanical Engineering Services Plumbing (Domestic) level 2
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning level 2

Most networking organisations in Bath require membership. Business West, however, has workshops that offer an opportunity to learn about exporting, starting a business and protecting your intellectual property. Ecademy offers a free membership or two paid memberships and online networking.

Networking organisations that host member events include:

  • Bath Business Woman's Association with member lunches and after-work events
  • Bath Business Club with member breakfasts
  • BNI Bath Circus with member breakfasts
  • NRG Business Networks offers events specific to a person's interests
  • Bath Futures offers networking lunches and musical events
  • Creative Bath for members interested in meeting people in Bath's creative sector
  • 4 Networking offers member events and online networking
  • The Federation of Small Businesses member events on last Wednesday of each month.

You'll find more information about business training companies and services on Actual Bath.

Further Considerations: Investing in learning to drive is a good use of both time and money as it opens up many more opportunities. Not only does it increase the type of positions you can apply for, it also broadens your options as regards the location you can work in. If you can drive to work you won't be restricted to only those positions that are close to public transport. If you have a clean license and have taken some form of Advanced Driver Training you are putting yourself at an even greater advantage when it comes to securing a position.

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