Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Norwich

Training & Career Development in Norwich

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Norwich

Although today Norwich has a population of just over 200,000 people, the city was once the second largest city in the whole of England. Norwich's position on the River Wensum and a thriving wool trade industry helped position the city as an important trading centre with multiple partners across Europe. In addition to trade, Norwich's economy depended for many years on manufacturing, printing, and electrical and structural engineering.

Today, Norwich is no longer an exclusively industrial city, as its economy is based on the service sector. Government initiatives have designed Norwich as an "engine of growth", which has attracted investment and economic development into the city. Insurance and financial services firms dominate the local economy in Norwich, with companies like Aviva, Moneysupermarket, Virgin Money, HSBC, and Clydesdale Bank being some of the key employers in the area. Norwich city council and the local health authority also provide a large number of jobs.

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of research and development firms based in Norwich. This has led to the creation of the Norwich Research Park, which is home to leading research institutions in fields like medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, food and nutrition research, and information technology.

Jobs are also available in the media and communications industry (mainly at Archant Group), retail, entertainment, and tourism.

Professional career development in Norwich

As one of the United Kingdom's fastest-growing cities, Norwich offers plenty of business opportunities. If you are interested in making the most of the opportunities available but require business training, the University of East Anglia Norwich Business School is a good starting point. The school offers degree courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resource management, and brand leadership. There are also research degrees available to students interested in subjects like business regulations, strategy implementation, and business relationships.

The City College Norwich is an alternative option for students interested in gaining business skills. The college has courses and foundation degrees in leadership and management, business management, leisure management, creative enterprise practice, and public sector management. Other courses include a higher apprenticeship in leadership and management and a postgraduate diploma in management studies.

Further training opportunities exist at Jarrold Training, which offers a variety of professional development courses that cover subjects like information technology, management, business writing skills, credit control, communication skills, business administration, social media for business, and marketing. Consultease and Summit Training are independent consultants that offer accredited coaching and training qualifications and a range of soft skills training courses in Norwich.

The Norwich Business School's Management and Development Centre is a referent for many businesses in Norwich and further afield in Norfolk. This department's focus is on helping local businesses make the most of executive training and strategic planning opportunities. Expert staff at the Management and Development Centre can also assist businesses that want to venture into the European market. Other services include research and consultancy and internship programmes. The Business School also hosts regular business seminars, which are usually held on the first Friday of every month.

There are regular business networking events held in Norwich. Some of the most popular are run by organisations like:

  • the Norwich Businesswomen's Network, which arranges business lunches and seminars
  • BNI Business Networking Norwich, which has a dedicated leadership team
  • the Growth Club, which has a focus on entrepreneurship
  • the Norfolk Network
  • Breakaway Networking Norwich, which runs weekly meetings at the cathedral's refectory
  • the Norwich Business Group
  • the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

You'll find more information about business training companies and services on Actual Norwich.

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