Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Aberdeen

Training & Career Development in Aberdeen

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Aberdeen

Due to its abundance of skilled workers, high levels of employment, and increase in average weekly earnings, Aberdeen has been named one of the top five cities that could pull the UK out of its current recession. Being the third most populous city in Scotland, along with boasting the lowest unemployment figures, Aberdeen has a wide variety of job opportunities for people of all skill sets. There are a higher level of production jobs and a lower level of service jobs than the Scottish average, which is most likely attributed to oil and energy being the cities most prevalent industries. Oil is in fact the cornerstone of Aberdeen's economy providing 1 in 4 of all jobs, as well as administrating a further 15,000 jobs in associated trades. Some of the biggest oil employers in the region include BP, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell. Although oil reserves are still proving profitable, some analysts suggest the region has surpassed its peak production and it may be time to shift focus if Aberdeen is to remain an industry leader. With that in mind, the city has been working towards repositioning itself within the renewable energy sector, with a distinct interest in research and development.

The oil and energy industries are closely followed by tourism, which is worth well over £300m to the local economy. Employing around 26,000 the tourism sector is also a major player in Aberdeen's success. Home to a host of recruitment agencies, such as Aberdeen Appointments Agency Ltd, ASA Recruitment, and Orion Engineering Services Ltd, finding work within this industrious region could not be easier. Directgov, Scotcareers and Aberdeen City Council are great places to look for vacancies, with Aberdeen City Council also providing comprehensive careers advice.

Professional career development in Aberdeen

Career development is vital for those looking to advance their existing career, diversify their skills and move into a new sector, as well as for anyone wanting to become more attractive to potential employers. The Aberdeen City Council offer a plethora of training and personal development opportunities, including an excellent resource for online learning. One of the biggest professional career development organizations in Aberdeen is the Scottish Qualifications Authority, also known as the SQA. The SQA provide useful information for anyone interested in studying for a vocational qualification, both at a training college or in the workplace. They also provide guidance and support for those studying from home. NQ subjects range from accounting and finance, to travel and tourism, with plenty more besides, ensuring there are courses to help enhance every career.

The University of Aberdeen also support staff training and development with particular focus on personal, management and leadership development. Their services include formal training courses, learning on the job, job exchange, attending conferences and seminars, as well as coaching and mentoring. Apprenticeships in Scotland are Scotland's National Vacancy Handling Service for youth employment and training, and the main source of youth opportunity information. They provide all the latest info on current apprenticeship vacancies in Aberdeen.

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Further Considerations: Many companies require, or at least prefer, that perspective employees have a valid drivers license. Being able to drive broadens your range of opportunities, both in the type of position you can apply for, as well as the locations you can work in as not all are easily accessible by train or bus. Candidates that do not yet possess a drivers license should seriously consider learning to drive sooner rather than later. You can find a list of qualified instructors here.

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