Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Richmond

Training & Career Development in Richmond

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Richmond

Richmond upon Thames is an independent borough located 8 miles to the south west of Central London. Its excellent transportation connections with the city, Surrey, and the South East of England have greatly contributed to the development of Richmond and its job market. In fact, the town is listed as one of the top five richest areas in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Since the 19th century, Richmond has been largely an affluent residential area. Being London's wealthiest borough, Richmond has a thriving economy that translates into plenty of job opportunities for qualified professionals. Statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions show that the local employment rate stands at 82 per cent. Overall, there are 10,000 companies registered in town that provide 69,000 jobs to the local workforce. Richmond also has one of the highest percentages of self-employed workers in the region.

The services industry dominates the job market in Richmond. Sub sectors include finance, information technology, hospitality, catering, retail, distribution, and public administration, while tourism accounts for 12 per cent of the jobs available in Richmond. Key employers include the London Borough of Richmond local authority, the Kew Public Records Office, Ebay, Coca Cola, the Richmond College, Twickenham Rugby Stadium, and the Marriott Hotel Twickenham.

Professional career development in Richmond

St Mary's University College Richmond welcomes students who want to pursue a career in business or management. The college offers foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in management studies, tourism management, international business practice, and managing for sustainability. The American International University offers a range of BAs in business administration with minors in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and international business. Lastly, the Richmond Business School, based at the Richmond Adult Community College, offers courses in business set-up, business administration, enterprise, employment skills, finance for small business, and management. This institution also runs short courses that might be of interest to local businesses, like personal development skill courses, business development essentials, and CMI Management Training, which includes qualifications in coaching, mentoring, management, and leadership.

Those interested in signing up for an apprenticeship in Richmond can contact Hawk Training, (which is also a provider of vocational training courses), and the Richmond upon Thames College. The local city council can also provide further advice. There is also a work experience scheme in place in the local area. For further details contact the Richmond Education Business Partnership.

When it comes to leadership training and other workplace skills development courses, the local authority at the London Borough of Richmond is one of the main professional development providers. In order to ensure that the highest possible number of individuals benefit from these training courses, the council runs its courses on a modular basis and with the option of learning through an online platform.

If you are considering becoming self employed or are having trouble managing your business, you may want to know that the London Innovation Centre offers business support and consultancy services to local companies. The centre also organises a range of business events in Richmond.

If you are looking to expand your current network of local contacts, it might be a good idea to contact the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. This 100-year old institution organises a wide range of business events, including hot topic seminars, charity events, networking breakfasts and lunches, social evenings, and annual business awards. Other networking groups include the Teddington Luncheon Club, the Richmond Business Network, Foreseit, and the Richmond Business and Retail Association.

Further Considerations: Investing in learning to drive is a good use of both time and money as it opens up many more opportunities. Not only does it increase the type of positions you can apply for, it also broadens your options as regards the location you can work in. If you can drive to work you won't be restricted to only those positions that are close to public transport. If you have a clean license and have taken some form of Advanced Driver Training you are putting yourself at an even greater advantage when it comes to securing a position.

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