Shared Vision: Training & Career Development in Peterborough

Training & Career Development in Peterborough

The Current Job Market and Employment Opportunities in Peterborough

Peterborough is a historic cathedral city and industrial centre that can trace its roots to the Bronze Age. The city grew rapidly in the 19th century with the arrival of railways that helped support its industrial development, particularly related to brick manufacturing. More recently, Peterborough has been undergoing significant economic growth and redevelopment as result of a £1 billion regeneration scheme.

The city's main employer is the services sector. A large proportion of individuals working in Peterborough are employed in business administration and support services, health, and retail sectors. Recent efforts by the city have included attracting large employers, including distribution centres for Tesco and Debenhams. Gateway Peterborough, a 240-acre warehouse and distribution park that opened in 2012, is also expected to create approximately 8,000 jobs and offset recent job losses in the manufacturing sector, once one of the city's strengths.

Professional Career Development in Peterborough

Peterborough is currently in the midst of a regeneration strategy that is investing in the city centre and neighbouring districts. Peterborough is well situated along major transportation corridors that will help support continued economic and business growth in community, including the East Coast Main Line and the M11 motorway corridor.

Through Opportunity Peterborough, the city's economic development corporation, Peterborough is also focusing on creating new jobs, attracting investment, and developing support for its population and workforce. As part of efforts to renew the city centre, the focus has been on creating new jobs in retail, leisure and cultural developments, including building new hotels and attracting large employers to the city.

Peterborough Regional College and City College Peterborough provide a broad range of further education programmes. Peterborough Regional College offers qualifications for students 14 years of age and older, including professional and trade programmes. The college also delivers an apprenticeship programme and courses for individuals looking to re-enter the workforce or improve their skills, including professional and vocational training for anyone currently in the workforce. Courses are provided in art and design, business administration and management, childcare, social and health care, construction, computing, engineering, hospitality and catering, travel and leisure studies, performing arts and other areas.

City College Peterborough offers programmes for youth who have left school, including foundational learning and apprenticeships. The college also delivers various programmes for adult learners, including courses in languages, arts and crafts, computing, humanities, and education. Courses are also available for local businesses in leadership and management, leadership skills, coaching and training, office and customer service skills, languages, and professional development.

In 2003, Loughborough University closed its campus in Peterborough and left the city without a higher education institution. To address this gap, Peterborough Regional College partnered with Anglia Ruskin University to open the University Centre Peterborough in 2009. Although part of the college, degrees are conferred by Anglia Ruskin University. Students can earn Higher National Certificates, Higher National Diplomas, and Bachelor's degrees, as well as complete postgraduate courses at the University Centre Peterborough. Courses cover a range of disciplines, including business and finance, journalism, sociology, travel and tourism, engineering, computer science, and education.

Peterborough City Council is also playing an important role in supporting skills training and professional development in the community. The Council offers courses for individuals and local businesses interested in learning new skills and gaining qualifications, including catering training courses and free adult learning opportunities in green skills through the Peterborough Environment City Trust. Workshops and courses for the homeless, as well as poor and socially excluded adults are also provided through the Peterborough Streets initiative.

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