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SVTC provides a wealth of information on the current job market, training and career development opportunities in the UK and is an ideal place to start your research. We include information on the major/prevailing industries; where to look for work; organisations, charities and local government departments that can assist as well as information on training, business networking and events, coaching, development, apprenticeships, leadership training schemes, government sponsored training schemes, workplace skills training and other information on career development and training opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Training and Career Development in the UK

Many UK workers are looking to update their CV with relevant and useful skills by attending training courses and career development programmes in order to better their performance and give them an edge in the jobs market.

However, it is not just those actively seeking new jobs who attend training sessions or career development classes. Many companies offer training and development to their current employees – as activities which promote good performance and organisational skills, training and development enhances long-term success of employees and therefore the business itself.

Career development is important for the management of careers both within and between businesses. Many companies will offer leadership training courses, which encourages employees to develop a sense of leadership, including traits such as self-confidence and self-expression as well as the motivation to do a good job. For those not currently employed, there are many leadership training courses available, and having such training is definitely a bonus, as these traits help businesses to perform and develop. The Leadership Trust is a well-established, independent trust offering courses in these skills, while Leadership Management International (UK) has perfected its methods over 40 years of existence.

Learning new skills via a training course is a wonderful way to break into a new line of work. Training courses are available in almost every field, though those involving IT and computer skills are probably some of the most popular. Many colleges are partnered with JobCentre Plus to give free classes. Learning new, desirable skills can give job seekers a huge boost up the careers ladder.

Businesses such as the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) offer training for those wishing to become coaches. Learning the skills associated with coaching increases an individual's skills in relationships and guiding and encouraging others: whether it is in a genuine life-coach position, or as a leadership-type skill to create a powerful and healthy relationship between employer and employee.

Workplace skills are vital to everyone,, many of the skills may be picked up without any additional training courses. However, whether it is learning new skills in your current workplace to better your performance – such as IT skills – or developing completely new abilities for a new trade – such as might occur during an apprenticeship, for instance – workplace skills enhance performance and relationships between employees. Most skills programmes in England are accredited by awarding bodies which are regulated by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship allows individuals to work alongside more experienced employees, learning essential skills while earning a qualification, though it is reflected in an 'Apprenticeship Agreement' that an apprenticeship is more of a job than an education. Most of the training will be done on the job, while whatever other skills which need to be learned will take place in a local college. An apprenticeship generally takes somewhere between one and four years and are always designed with employers in mind, so that apprentices will have all the necessary skills to complete a job. Apprenticeships can be found in nearly every sector, from agriculture to education to retail.

Training courses and career development programmes allow individuals to grow as both a person and an employee. Many companies offer this sort of in-house training to ensure they get the best performance possible from their employees, however many seeking a new position will find that if they prove they have these skills, it can help them in a competitive job market.